We have been super busy working on Mythos (http://blip.tv/Mythos), which is currently shooting in NYC.  We are also hard at work developing a lifestyle pilot.  More videos of our interviews from Thriller fest, plus more exciting coverage, coming momentarily! We really appreciate everyone for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, etc.  You guys rock! Continue reading Busy!

Sandra Brown Lethal

Sandra Brown gets “Lethal!” Our coverage of Thriller fest 2012 continues, with our interview with author Sandra Brown, NY Times bestselling author of Unspeakable, Fat Tuesday, and Exclusive.  She discusses her book Lethal.  Jessica Mazo of Martini Productions interviews.  Tom O’Brien shoots and edits Continue reading Sandra Brown Lethal

Interview with RL Stine, Goosebumps author, at Thriller Fest

We attended Thriller Fest in NYC and had the honor of interviewing famous author RL Stine, who’s been scaring children for decades! He discusses how he accidentally began writing horror, his writing process, his first hardcover for Goosebumps, first adult horror novel, and more! Martini Productions’ Jessica Mazo interviews, and Tom O’Brien shoots and edits! Continue reading Interview with RL Stine, Goosebumps author, at Thriller Fest