From Jessica, the host: “Watch my interview with legendary author Anne Rice where we talk about her new book Prince Lestat, Wherewolves vs. Vampires, and other fun stuff. Oh and clearly I could use a hairbrush (thanks for telling me camera guy!).

Jessica Mazo interviews Jennifer Hillier, author of The Butcher, Freak, and Creep at ThrillerFest in NYC. Tom O’Brien shoots/edits.

Jessica Mazo interviews Christopher Rice, NY Times Bestselling Novelist, at ThrillerFest 2014. They talk about his upcoming books, including The Vines, how he became a writer, The Dinner Party Show, and having famous author Anne Rice as his mom. Tom O’Brien shoots/edits

We covered Chuck Palahniuk’s “Beautiful You” tour in Brooklyn, NY at Powerhouse Arena on Halloween. Check out some highlights from the night, and our interview with him! Jessica Mazo hosts. Tom O’Brien shoots/edits. Special thanks to Chuck’s publicist Todd Doughty, and Powerhouse Arena!


Jessica Mazo interviews author Ian Rankin about ThrillerFest, writing conventions, his hometown Edinburgh’s dark side, and FACEOFF. Tom O’Brien shoots/edits.

Interview with world famous author Jeffrey Deaver about Italy, tatoos, and his new book, THE SKIN COLLECTOR! What a cool guy!

We interview the hilarious (but scary author) R. L. Stine, about his new FEAR STREET book coming out, and about who is playing him in the GOOSEBUMPS movie!! At ThrillerFest, Jessica Mazo interviews, Tom O’Brien shoots/edits